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Beneath its classy exterior, the ZEN Stream is a technological streamer-de-force. It has one purpose – to send music simply from the Internet to your DAC with no loss of quality.

  • DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter):
  • DACs convert digital information, stored or streamed by computers, into music we can hear through speakers or headphones.

    Every device that’s a source of digital sound has a built-in DAC (TVs, games consoles, CD players, phones, portable music players etc). Dedicated external DACs sound much better than standard DACs used in digital devices such as phones.

True hi-res performance of PCM384/DSD256 via WiFi/LAN. Just add your smart device as a remote and away you go.

    File Formats and Sample Rates
  • MP3 –this is the most popular format, every device in the world can use it.
  • PCM –Pulse Code Modulation is the most common format for CDs and DVDs.
  • DSD –Direct Stream Digital is a very high-quality audio format, better than CD quality. The higher the number (sample rate), the better the recording – DSD64, 128, 256, 512 and 1024.
  • DXD –Digital eXtreme Definition is a very high-quality PCM format. It was developed to edit hi-res (high quality) recordings recorded in DSD.

Optimised open-source architecture – works with multiple dedicated platforms, completely and perfectly future-proofed as it is constantly updated.

Ease of use + audiophile implementation. Follow our simple set-up guides on YouTube.It is the bee’s knees of Streamers.

Warp speed tech

Warp speed tech

ZEN Stream is a true ground-up design by iFi — the hardware and software implementation is quite exceptional:

  • Two SuperSpeed USB3.0 ports with Active Noise Cancellation II
  • S/PDIF out with the iPurifier built-in
  • iFi software developed with Volumio open-source as the starting point, then coded and optimised by us to achieve the purest streaming software bar none

These are some of the factors behind why the ZEN Stream is at the cutting-edge handling PCM384/DSD256 on LAN and WiFi (802.11n, with 100Mbps on 5Ghz).

‘Exclusive’ for your ears only

The ZEN Stream has one of the most fully-optimised software platforms in the world.

From the device’s drivers, to the kernel (the heart of the operating system), to the shell (which interfaces with the kernel), to the applications and the user interface — everything is fully optimised for seamless operation and excellent sonic performance.

An ingenious part of the ZEN Stream’s design is the ability to select between ‘Exclusive’ modes – individual settings dedicated to specific modes of operation to deliver the purest possible performance. All other programs are shut down – to minimise ‘software jitter’ an often overlooked aspect that negatively impacts the quality of computer audio playback.

This ensures that the ZEN Stream is not merely a ‘jack of all trades’, but a master of all too.

  • All-in-one (AIO) covers all modes
  • ROON Ready
  • Tidal streaming
  • NAA streaming
    • NNA - Network Audio Adapter

      A Network Audio Adapter (NAA) can convert audio signals to high-quality digital signals.

      Regardless of the geographical distance, the digital signals can be transmitted simultaneously over the IP networks, such as LAN or Internet.

  • DLNA streaming
    • DLNA - Digital Living Network Alliance

      DLNA allows you to wirelessly send content from devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones to a compatible TV. It makes sharing media in the home simple.

      DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. It was set up by Sony in 2003. Now used in a wide range of modern home entertainment devices, it allows videos, music and photos to be streamed and enjoyed on the big screen or a home cinema system quickly and easily.

Who’s who of Streaming

Hot off the press, the ZEN Stream has the following connectivity options:

  • Stream straight from Spotify/Tidal apps with Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect
  • Works with any DLNA certified streaming app
  • Integrated Airplay 1 – easy streaming from Apple and Android devices
  • Now ROON Ready
  • NAA operation in conjunction with Sygnalist’s HQPlayer software
Tech savvy Banner
Tech savvy

Beneath the unassuming casework sits some serious horsepower in terms of both technologies and components:

  • Powerful 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex microprocessor
  • USB and S/PDIF interfaces regulated by femto-precision GMT clock to eradicate jitter
  • Active Noise Cancellation II and iPurifier technologies for USB and S/PDIF interfaces respectively
  • Intelligent Ethernet switch controller
  • High-PSRR, low idle current, low-dropout voltage regulators with soft start
    • PSRR - Power Supply Rejection Ratio:In electronic systems, power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) is a term widely used to describe the capability of an electronic circuit to suppress any power supply variations to its output signal.
  • Synchronous 1.6MHz high-speed precision power supply controller
  • C0G capacitors and Taiyo Yuden and Murata low ESR inductors
    • ESR - Equivalent Series Resistance:Inductors have resistance inherent in the metal conductor, quoted as DCR in datasheets. This metallic resistance is small for small inductance values (typically below 1 Ω). It can be modelled as a resistor in series with the inductor, often leading to the DC resistance being referred to as the ESR.
Stream-iFi app.

Stream-iFi app.

Set-up your Wi-Fi connection using the our Stream-iFi app.

Scan the QR code to download the app today. The QR code will take you straight to our Stream-iFi app in the correct store for your phone or tablet.

Hi-res audio

Hi-res audio

This is a true hi-res device. It uniquely supports PCM up to 32-bit/384kHz over Wi-Fi as well as Ethernet cable, plus DSD up to 11.2MHz (DSD256). Highly unusual in a Wi-Fi streamer.

MQA (Master Quality Authenticated)

MQA (Master Quality Authenticated)

MQA is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording. The master MQA file is fully authenticated and is small enough to stream or download. The ZEN Stream adopts MQA technology to receive and decode MQA audio and provide master-level sound.

Visit mqa.co.uk for more information



Our ‘exclusive modes’ give you individual settings dedicated to specific modes of operation to deliver the purest possible performance.

  • All-in-one
  • This non-specific mode is great for all platforms, audio formats and devices.

  • DLNA streaming
  • Select this mode to optimise performance when using the ZEN Stream with DLNA-compatible apps and devices.

  • NAA streaming
  • Select this mode when using the ZEN Stream as a Network Audio Adapter in conjunction with Signalyst HQPlayer software.

  • Roon Ready
  • Select this mode when integrating the ZEN Stream into a ROON environment.

  • Tidal streaming
  • If you are a subscriber to Tidal’s Masters Tier, this is the mode for you.

Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi network.

Use the ‘hotspot’ button on the front to join a Wi-Fi network.

Dual-band Wi-Fi reception supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac for a fast, reliable wireless connection.

The USB ports – both input and output

The USB ports – both input and output

The USB ports – both input and output – support the SuperSpeed USB3.0 standard and benefit from iFi’s Active Noise Cancelling technology to remove distortion from the audio signal.

Similarly, the coaxial S/PDIF output incorporates iFi’s iPurifier signal purifying technology.

GMT (Global Master Timing)

GMT (Global Master Timing)

Both of the two digital outputs – asynchronous USB and coaxial S/PDIF – that provide connectivity to an external DAC or an amp with digital inputs are regulated by iFi’s femto-precision GMT (Global Master Timing) circuitry to eradicate jitter from the digital audio signal.

ARM Cortex microprocessor

ARM Cortex microprocessor

The circuit design has been painstakingly engineered to deliver superb sound, with processing muscle supplied by a 64-bit, quad-core ARM Cortex microprocessor.

Taiyo Yuden

Taiyo Yuden

Carefully chosen circuit components including discrete, high-grade surface-mounted devices such as TDK C0G multilayer ceramic capacitors and inductors from Taiyo Yuden and Murata add to the quality build of this product.

Add to this, a synchronous

Add to this, a synchronous

Add to this, a synchronous 1.5MHz high-speed power supply controller for even great noise reduction and even less distortion.

Intelligent Ethernet

Intelligent Ethernet

Intelligent Ethernet. The device uses a high-performance Ethernet switch with a low-power integrated 5-Port Giga-PHY.



We’ve utilised high-PSRR, low idle current, low-dropout voltage regulators with soft start. This means maximised efficiency and minimised system noise.

ZEN Stream Connection Guide back banner ZEN Stream Connection Guide front banner ZEN Stream Connection Guide front banner ZEN Stream Quick-Start-Guide banner ZEN Stream Quick-Start-Guide banner
InputsDC 9V/1.8A-15V/0.8A
AC 100 -240V, 50/60Hz
InputWi-Fi / Ethernet / USB HDD
(Firmware updates via OTA and USB-C at rear)
(MQA passthrough)
USB3.0 (Type-A Socket) x2
SPDIF (Coaxial)
Power consumptionNo Signal ~6W
Max Signal ~10W
Dimensions:158 x 100 x 35 mm
Net weight:578g
ZEN Stream - Tech Lowdown
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