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  • NS-F500

    A floorstandlng speaker designed for superbly natural sound In the tradition of the Soavo series. Casual yet authentic, as amiable as an old friend, as new as the next generation.
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  • NS-P150

    Center and 2 Surround Speaker Package. High performance speakers that are ideal for HD movies and music.
    • Two 8cm (3-1/4”) cone woofers and 1.4cm (1/2”) balanced dome tweeter for distinct dialogue and clear vocals (Center speaker)
    • 8cm (3-1/4”) cone woofer and 1.4cm (1/2”) balanced dome tweeter for clean full-range sound (Surround speakers)
    • Dynamic reproduction of HD sources
    • Large-size, gold-plated screw terminals
    • Available in Piano Black, Black and Rosewood
    • Wall Mountable
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  • YAS-105

    Yamaha’s exclusive AIR SURROUND XTREME provides 7.1-channel surround sound with high quality, excellent imaging and rich presence. You’ll experience an extremely realistic and impressive sound field from this stylish single-body unit.
    • Integrated system equipped with dual front speakers and dual built-in subwoofers
    • - Advanced Bass Extension Processing (surround mode only) delivers a surprising abundance of bass sound
    • - Large volume cabinet reproduces TV sound with high sound quality
    • - Dual-driver subwoofer delivers powerful bass sounds
    • AIR SURROUND XTREME provides powerful surround sound
    • Bluetooth wireless music streaming from smartphone / tablet
    • Home Theater Controller App for Easy Operations
    • Slim, low-profi le, one-body design allows positioning in front of a TV
    • Stylish design achieves both visual beauty and ease of use
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  • RX-S600

    5.1 channels (60W x 5) | HDMI 5 in/1 out, 3D, 4K | OSD, USB, Network, Airplay | Slim lineSlim and compact 5.1-channel network AV receiver, with high-quality audio and convenient functions including AirPlay,AV Controller app and MHL support.  
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  • EPH-W32

    Attractive design and glossy finish.Enjoy richer, warmer vocals thanks to the newly developed 8mm (3/8”) driver and sound-tuning pipe.
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  • BD-S681

    In addition to support for Blu-ray 3D™ playback and network functions such as Miracast™ compatibility and Wi-Fi built in, the BD-S681 offers many advanced features for high quality audio and video enjoyment, including 4K upscaling, CD Mode and Pure Direct.
    • Supports playback of Blu-ray 3D™, the latest video format
    • HDMI® terminals with 4K upscaling for even higher video quality
    • Miracast™ compatibility for enjoying a variety of media from a smartphone or tablet
    • Seamless operation with select Yamaha AV receivers and controller apps (AV Controller App)
    • VUDU compatibility for viewing digital photos
    • SACD playback and HD Audio format bitstream out
    • CD Mode and Pure Direct Mode for greater sound purity
    • 192 kHz / 32-bit audio DAC
    • High resolution audio DSD 5.6 MHz, FLAC, ALAC 192 kHz / 24-bit playback compatibility
    • Connect to the Internet to access the fun and informative features that BD-Live™ provides
    • Setup wizard makes setup easy
    • Automatic wireless setup with WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup™)
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  • RX-A1080

    Flexibility to entertain the entire family

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  • YHT-1810

    A great introduction to home theatre, this package offers a high quality receiver, speakers and subwoofer, and features Yamaha’s Extra Bass for surround sound with superior bass response, as well as unique Virtual CINEMA FRONT.
    • 5.1-channel powerful surround sound (100W × 5 channel + 100W subwoofer)
    • HDMI (4 in / 1 out) with 4K Ultra HD pass-through for super high resolution images
    • Discrete amp configuration and 192 kHz/24-bit Burr Brown DACs for all channels
    • Yamaha proprietary CINEMA DSP (17 DSP programmes)
    • Compressed Music Enhancer
    • Extra Bass enriches powerful bass sound even with small speakers
    • Virtual CINEMA FRONT provides virtual surround sound with 5 speakers in front
    • SCENE buttons with direct power on
    • Multi language colour OSD for improved visibility
    • Stylish, curvy speaker design looks fresh in any interior
    • ECO mode operation for about 20% less power consumption
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    پرفروشترین محصولات

    • NS-F901

      Yamaha's long tradition of excellence in speaker design is brought to full fruition with the NS-F901 floorstanding speaker. This impressive speaker delivers incredibly transparent sound from all types of data-rich, high resolution sound sources. Using innovative design techniques and the highest quality materials, it is a truly superior speaker.
      • Soavo Concept: Delivering Natural Sound
      • New A-PMD Midrange reproduces high resolution sources with richly clear detailed sound
      • New A-PMD Woofer provides low range reproduction with abundant power and responsiveness
      • Aluminum dome tweeter with DC-Diaphragm™ with neodymium magnet
      • Innovative cabinet design (non-parallel surfaces)
      • Three-way mitered-joint construction
      • Two-chamber cabinet (woofer and midrange separated by slanted partition) with vertical bracing
      • Highest quality parts including Solen capacitors in the networks
      • Graceful appearance designed by Toshiyuki Kita
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    • A-S3000

      Profoundly accurate sound with the full expressive power of the music. Exceptional sonic purity, elimination of signal loss—in an exquisite, elegant design.The supreme culmination of the Yamaha line—the A-S3000.
      • Rigid Streamlined Construction— provides strict anti-vibration protection, and enables shortest cabling routes
      • Large toroidal transformer, solidly mounted with independent three-dimensional inner frame
      • Comprehensive low impedance design, shortened signal paths and copper-plated chassis
      • Six mm thick top panel made of non-magnetic aluminium plate
      • Left-right symmetrical design for independent pre amp and power amp blocks
      • Floating and Balanced Power Amplifier with MOSFETs
      • All-stage balanced transmission
      • Direct drawing toroidal transformer for complete elimination of signal transmission loss
      • Exceptionally low impedance through secure screw connections
      • Superior quality electronic volume control for optimum sound
      • Discretely configured phono amp
      • Exquisite, large level meters reflect the dynamics in the music
      • Meticulously designed and beautiful in appearance—just like a musical instrument
      • Original speaker terminals for high sound quality, as well as beauty and ease of use
      • Obsessive, meticulous switch design— elaborate, richly textured, easy-to-use
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    • TSX-B141

        •  Designed for the discerning, the Yamaha TSX-B141 has a simple, compact form yet delivers a satisfyingly full sound. Its distinctive looks and outstanding audio quality lend an air of sophistication to your home and bring music to your life, whether it’s on CD, smartphone or USB device.
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    • RX-S600

      5.1 channels (60W x 5) | HDMI 5 in/1 out, 3D, 4K | OSD, USB, Network, Airplay | Slim lineSlim and compact 5.1-channel network AV receiver, with high-quality audio and convenient functions including AirPlay,AV Controller app and MHL support.  
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    • NS-SW700

      The NS-SW700 subwoofer meets the challenge of providing an ideal balance between tight sounds (with crisp, fast attack) and deep sounds (with a spacious feeling). Although these two types of sounds, by definition, tend to oppose each other, this subwoofer is capable of accurately rendering the tone intervals of all kinds of sounds, so the music is ideally balanced. Finally, the enjoyment derived from the NS-SW700 is not restricted to your ears — with it's impressive power it lets you feel the music, too
      • 25cm (10”) 300W subwoofer with Advanced YST II and QD-Bass technology
      • Linear Port enhances bass while minimising extraneous noise
      • BASS (Bass Action Selector System)
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    • CD-N301

      Basic CD player with audio network capabilities. Support for AirPlay and the streaming services of Spotify and Pandora highlights the further evolution of network functionality.
      • Multi-audio player that allows you to enjoy a wide variety of music sources
      • Compatible with Internet radio and various music streaming
      • *Available via future firmware update. Service availability depends on regions.
      • AirPlay compatible
      • NP CONTROLLER APP for smartphone and tablet
      • The App's Music Play function allows wireless music enjoyment from a smartphone or tablet
      • Support for the WAV/FLAC 192kHz/24-bit formats
      • Connection for YWA-10 WiFi Adapter
      • Beautiful sound and top-grade design inherited from the Yamaha HiFi concept
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    • Compare
    • YSP-1600

      Stylishly slim Soundbar featuring Digital Sound Projector technology for real 5.1ch surround sound. MusicCast for enjoying a variety of music sources anywhere in your house. HDCP2.2 compliant HDMI supports 4K Ultra HD input.
      • MusicCast for audio enjoyment in every room
      • Compatible with various music streaming services
      • Digital Sound Projector technology with eight array speakers reproduces true 5.1ch surround sound
      • Dual upward-facing built-in subwoofers with bass reflex ports deliver high response and clear bass sound
      • Provides a choice of five CINEMA DSP programmes
      • Compatible with DTS and Dolby Digital
      • Supported high resolution audio codec: Flac/WAV/AIFF 192khz, Apple lossless 96kHz
      • HOME THEATER CONTROLLER (WLAN) app enables detailed settings and easy operation
      • ---Beam setup for adjustment of beam directionality for room size and listening position
      • Bluetooth® for wireless music streaming (SBC/AAC)
      • AirPlay® allows music streaming from Mac, PC, iPod, iPhone, iPad
      • Supports Bluetooth output for pairing YSP-1600 and other Bluetooth equipped products
      • HDMI input with 4K60p Pass through and HDCP2.2
      • OSD supports overlay and ten languages
      • HDMI CEC and Audio Return Channel compatibility
      • Subwoofer output terminal
      • Slim cabinet design: height is only 6.5cm (2-1/2”)
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    • A-S1100

      Complete inheritance of the superior qualities of Yamaha’s Emotional & Dynamic sound.Dedicated single-ended high-grade integrated amplifier design that faithfully draws out all the intrinsic value of your favourite player or D/A converter.
      • Floating and Balanced Power Amplifier with MOSFETs
      • Dedicated single-ended amplifier for all types of audio sources
      • All-stage full discrete configuration for strong reproduction of high notes
      • Thorough low impedance design ensures powerful bass response with extremely
      • Superior quality electronic volume control for optimum sound dynamic, energetic feel
      • Large capacity power supply unit delivers energetic, dynamic sound with fast response
      • Symmetrical design in pursuit of ideal stereo reproduction
      • Discretely configured phono amp
      • Level meters visually reflect the dynamics in the music
      • Elegant design with luxurious real wood panels
      • Original speaker terminals combine ease of use and beauty with high sound quality
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    • Yamaha Enhances Home Audio Products with New Music Streaming and Voice Control Capabilities

      Yamaha is bringing music and entertainment fans closer to their favourite artists by giving them access to even more streaming and voice control capabilities with

      AirPlay 2
    • About Dolby Vision

      Dolby Vision آخرین تکنولوژی ویدیویی است که تجربه ای شگفت آور از روشنایی ،کنتراست و رنگ را برای شما به نمایش می گذارد با این